Hotels Guest List - Bulk Actions

This feature was built as part of a Hotel Front Desk Software to facilitate a quick medium for users to prepare for their guests.


  • This feature was created while working with an Enterprise UX Team.
  • My Role: Design the feature using prior research and existing design limitations.
  • Timeline: 4 weeks


User: to prepare for guests quickly.Business: to have a feature that efficiently accommodates guest needs accurately while driving the business case.UX: The design must allow the front desk agents to provide an improved hospitality experience for their guests while taking into account the owner and stakeholder needs.


  • Must meet brand guidelines
  • Design must be consitent while using established UX guidelines.
  • Design must drive stakeholder needs.

Target Users

Front desk agents who lack training and motivation to provide an optimal stay experience for guests.

Initial Ideas

Business Needs

When preparing for individual reservations, the users take into account four factors. The design for bulk must also drive these factors.

Target Users

When guests have selected two or more guests in the guest list, bulk actions dropdown will be available. When a selection is made, a modal will appear with actions.

Note: Print Registration Cards will preview the list of guests chosen for bulk (as a pdf) with the ability to print from preview.


  • The design was reviewed and approved by the product team and stakeholders.
  • Feedback from a usability test with front desk agents further supported this design.


Usability test results reflected that users wanted the ability to cut keys while preparing for guests. So a possible key cut design once user completes room assignment

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