Project Overview

  • Ecommerce platform reimagined for a payment processing business.
  • The website must act as an information hub for various products and services.


  • 1. Assess true customer experience and feedback.
  • 2. Identify if information available helps users (Small Business Owners) identify and narrow down the appropriate solution for their business.


Pain Point identified from Usability Test:

  • Users would choose the business solely for its reputation.
  • Too much jargon about productsUsers would abandon their search because
  • the information was overwhelming.


  1. The website must improve sales by designing a product page.
  2. The website must transform the branding of the company through the products page


  • Competitors
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Determine a face for the business in terms of visual language while keeping the core values of the business at the fore.

If the website effectively communicates the solution then we can expect an increase in potential customers either by increased calls to sales team or more product recommendations.



Keys Takeaway: Our practices were not competitive with our rivals in the market. Competitors had better ways to attract customers and kept them engaged. They were able to provide a sense of satisfaction and excitement for the user with their crisp product solution.

Sorting the content

After a number of hours, meetings and lots of coffee, it was decided that the content should be structured into 3 categories.

  1. Ecommerce Solutioms
  2. Business Choise
  3. Contact Us Form


Understanding the Character

Before a brand is desgined it is important to understand the business’s mission and core values. The key words that stood out include: Gobal Secure and Trusted. It was crucial to ensure our customers knew that our solutions are drivedn by these core values.

Landing Page

The splash page has to be fresh colorful all while being relevant and meaningful.

Primary Goal: Call-to-action button (to get more visitors to contact the sales team)

Feedback - Solutions

Insights from user feedback:

  1. Users quite like the visual elements and theme
  2. Users also were able to clearly identify elements
  3. The design didn’t fully emphasize the solution the business had to offer. Thereforem users weren’t able to understand the benefits of the solution.

Takeaway: Eliminate abstract assets and focus on real scenarios to illustrate how the solutions benefit their need.

Phase 1: Final Design Mockup


  1. Further usability testing to validate designs and to test the content layout and hierarchy.
  2. Explore limitations and possible solutions for growing content.
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