Hotel Application:Groups Feature

A medium for Front Desk Agents to provide a superior hostpitality experience for Groups.

Background / Overview

  • This feature was originally concieved and built for a very green Hotel Software Product.
  • The feature must allow users to perform all tasks that are available for independant reservations.
  • A yearly feedback survey reported that the Groups feature is the most difficult when it comes to task completion and ease of use.

Target Users

  • Front desk agents responsible for facilitating group arrival.
  • Revenue managers looking for group details or info.
  • Housekeeping to prepare based on group needs


  1. Review new business requirements
  2. Usability Study to test current functionality and experience
  3. Revisit and Iterate designs

1. Business Requirements

Users must be able to:

  • View Group List
  • Locate Profile
  • Check-In Group on arrival

2. Usability Study

14 Participants; 3 Tasks

View full study: Here

Ease of Use

Task 1: Locate Group

Task 2: Locate Profile

Task 3: Check-In Group

Key Findings:

  • 100% of the users found it difficult to locate groups list. The participants either tried to use the guest list or using the search field.
  • 75% of the users never located the groups list and hence didn’t find the group profile icon.
  • 40% of the users failed group check In. The participants attempted to use the guest list instead of using search field or selecting the group.

3. Iterative Designs

Design Changes:

  1. Group view should be accessible on Search or when chosen from the arrivals guest list.

2. When a group is selected from the groups list, the application should navigate the user to the group detail view.

3. Actions for the group must be available when viewing group details. Respective actions should allow users to complete group-related tasks



The design was reviewed and approved by UX leads, Product team and Stakeholders.


Usability Test to re-evaluate the new designs.

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